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There’s a point in your life when you should realize you don’t have to travel all the way across the world/country to have adventure or explore ~ or to even get new experiences! You can get all these things right in your own backyard with the right mindset. I experienced this here at Wanderlust in Snowshoe, WV.

At Wanderlust I got to experience and do many new things, but one thing that stuck out to me most was that most of the people there were not from West Virginia. I could not believe I met people from California and Florida who flew all the way up to West Virginia for fun. That’s when I realized you really do not need to travel far for adventure. West Virginia is a beautiful state and there are so many beautiful things to do there. You just have to look.

Wanderlust was an amazing festival and it was something I’ve never done before. Everything about it was so chill. The atmosphere, people, markets, and all the classes… it was just awesome.  Here are some of the things I did there and a few things that I learned ~

~It’s okay to just focus on yourself ~

The Wanderlust motto is “find your true north”. People go to experience Wanderlust to find their balance, or your sense of purpose in this world. All these people were there focusing on themselves. I noticed it is good for the soul to just step back and focus on yourself and how you are as a person. To seriously focus on your actions and mind. All the classes you could take like Music Meditation Hike all the way to Slack-line Yoga…. they all helped these people and even myself to just stop.. and focus on yourself.


~No matter where you are, there is adventure ~

I have traveled many places and I’ll always be the first one to up and leave West Virginia every chance I can get… But I can honestly say that here at Wanderlust is when I realized you do not need an airplane to find adventure. I met a lot people here at Wanderlust Snowshoe and let me tell you ~ nobody I met was from West Virginia besides me. I met these two girls who were from Florida that drove all the way here for West Virginia. I could not believe my ears…. someone actually drove…. to West Virginia… all the way from Florida… for fun….. usually it’s the other way around,  am I right!? It was cool though. It made me happy these people wanted to experience West Virginia, my home state. It’s when I realized West Virginia is beautiful and there are so many beautiful places to go and have adventure. I even found this website on Facebook that has every state and literally everything you can do there. I looked up West Virginia…. and I was not expecting to see much of anything really, but seriously there were pages and pages and pages… filled with so many activities you can do here at WV. I wanted to do every single one ~ so definitely step back and take a look around your home state… adventure lies around every corner.


~You do not always need a hotel ~

Every time I traveled I have stayed in some type of hotel…may it be really nice or really sketchy…it’s always a hotel. At Wanderlust I met a few people who didn’t do this. They literally pulled up, found a parking spot and that was where they were sleeping for the night. It was cool ~ true nature experience of some sort. While me and my mom were watching the sunset over the mountains, we noticed these two girls sitting in the trunk of their car doing the same. We ended up talking and that was where they were sleeping for the weekend.  I thought it was cool.. you just pack up and all you need is your car and BOOM you are set. Everyone was chill and literally did not care where they were sleeping ~ they were just happy to be there. Me and my mom did something a bit different too however… we found a little cabin on Airbnb. The old, little man rented out one of the rooms in his house for guest to sleep. I had never done this either… It was kind of weird at first.. in the middle of nowhere…. but the man was super sweet and even made us breakfast. It was a rural West Virginia experience for sure. The cabin had no air conditioning ~ you just opened the windows.  I remember laying in bed and there was a window right above us. You could see every star in the sky….it was truly beautiful.


~ Practicing kindness is the best medicine ~  (through real life & social media)

Everywhere and everyone throughout Wanderlust were so nice ~ it was comforting. Every class, every instructor, every teacher, everyONE was nice as can be. I had a class that was called ‘Creating Positive Social Media’. Social Media is taking over the world and it is important that you share kindness and positivity throughout it. The depression rate has gone through the roof and I think the main reason is social media… everyone compares themselves to everyone else instead of living their own life.  It’s important to just be true to who YOU are and to be positive ~ not bringing other people down.. may it be in real life or on Instagram.  Instead of girls competing with each other ~ lets help each other and share positivity. Life isn’t all about who has the most likes or followers….. It’s about being kind to one another.

~ Let go and just have fun ~

The first few moments I got to Wanderlust I noticed these people hula hooping overlooking the mountains. The instructor was all about positivity and just having fun no matter how old you are. I just had to sign up for a class.. even though I hadn’t hula hooped in years…but let me tell ya, it was just as fun as it was in 3rd grade. Me and my mom had a BLAST. I had never seen anything like this… Like, I didn’t know people practiced hula hooping as a yoga class. It was super cool and some of moves were kind of hard.. it was crazy, but super cool. Almost all the classes at Wanderlust were just about having fun, letting go, and sharing positivity ~ all amazing.


~ Can’t wait for more adventures in Wild and Wonderful WV ~


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  1. I so love seeing the world through your eyes! Such an interesting read again! Keep it coming! I look forward to your next adventure!! Love that you and uour Mom are enjoying special times! Live you so much!!

  2. Staycations are our jam as a large family! We love WV and always make it a point to pass through and stop for lots photo ops of the gorgeous mountains.

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