Square dancing with the Stars

First things first ~

If you ever stumble across an opportunity to go square dancing in rural West Virginia ~ you go square dancing in rural West Virginia.

This weekend in Cass, West Virginia was one of the most fun weekends I have had in West Virginia. The more and more I go out of Huntington/Charleston WV, I fall in love with rural West Virginia and the mountains.

When I first showed up to the little, old, church looking building I didn’t know what to expect. I was with my mom, who had done it before the previous year and loved it, and I was also with Dani who’s originally from Europe and doesn’t really enjoy country music. I wasn’t sure how he would react to square dancing with mountain music…..but I was also excited to experience some West Virginia culture with him. I wanted it to be something we would both remember for the rest of our lives….and as it turns out, it would be.

       We go into this little, old building and I could tell right then by the atmosphere and vibe ~ this was going to be a fun night. The band..the music…the entire town was at this event ~ it was just very humbling to me. We met a group of students around our age who were doing internships at the Green Bank Observatory. None of them were from West Virginia….so it was fun dancing and getting to know all these new people whether they were locals or from out of town ~ we all enjoyed experiencing the true rural culture of West Virginia.

Square Dancing is one of the most fun things to do, I swear!


~ WV band playing mountain music

~ Ellen and Eugene Ratcliffe calling

The night was one to remember ~ but it wasn’t over yet…

The group we met who were working for the Green Bank Observatory was a very interesting( in a good/fun way) group. They all loved science of course and knew so much about the sky and our galaxy. I remember one guy had a shirt on that said ‘the universe is whispering to us’. I thought that was such a cool, little saying, because it is so true.  It is truly amazing how big our universe is and how there is so much more to learn outside of it.  It’s also amazing what these scientists are doing and finding through these telescopes. As It turned out,  one of the students actually planned to go out under the big Green Bank telescope that night and look at stars. I absolutely LOVED this idea….star gazing is one of my favorite things to do. Sure enough, we hopped along and went with her. Only certain people have keys to open the gates to get down to the big telescope, so it was pretty cool. Right before we left I looked up and thought the stars look great right where we are…the girl we were with was just like wait till we get all the way down to the telescopes – the stars are crazy….and she was right. The stars were crazy….I had never seen so many stars in my whole life ~ it was amazing. The whole sky sparkled with stars and planets. You could even see bits of the Milky Way shining through. It was something I’d always dreamed of seeing in the sky ~ our galaxy. Our home where earth is perfectly placed between the sun, planets, and stars to have life.  ~ amazing ~

   ~ First ever star party

    ~ Green Bank Telescope

  ~ Space foooood

  ~ My wonderfully brilliant Mother

   ~ The moon through the telescopes eyes

   ~ Jupiter & its’ 60 some moons

Experiencing something like this with the stars and our galaxy is incredible ~ yet a bit scary. It makes you realize just how small our world actually is……and there are places out in space beyond what we as humans can even imagine.

It just shows you how little this life actually is, and to not take all the small things for granted.  Share kindness throughout this world & go explore this amazing planet while you can.

Astronomy is an incredible science ~ Green Bank is an incredible place.

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  1. A wonderful observation & I love the way you describe everything! It has been a long time since I went square dancing but it was fun! Larry & I were in that area over the weekend with a wedding at Snowshoe! It was such a lovely drive up & back & the mountain views from the condo where we stayed were absolutely breathtaking! West Virginia is such a beautiful state & has so much to offer! Keep writing & being delighted with our universe sweet girl! Sara

    1. you should definitely convince him! it’s so worth it! I had to convince my bf at the time as well, but he ended up loving it just as much as me!!

  2. It sound like you had a great adventure! We grow so much from trying new things and meeting new people. The photo of the moon through the telescope is so neat!

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