~ a life and travel blog featuring me ~

Just your average girl trying to travel the world every chance she can get.

West Virginia raised with a Florida soul ~ the beach will always be my favorite place to go ~ As I have gotten older, and after experiencing the wanders of India, I have fallen in love with culture. Exploring and wandering around different countries with the people.. is so mesmerizing. To me, traveling is one of the most important things anyone can do. Traveling broadens the mind ~ from meeting new and different types of people, trying new foods ~ traveling gives you experience and perspective.

I am still in school working on my communications degree at Marshall University in West Virginia. Since I am trying to graduate soon and on the track team at Marshall,  I do not get to travel as much as I like. But, growing up with my family and my awesome parents, I have been blessed to have gone many places. Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, London, Paris, Okinawa, Tokyo, Hong Kong, India…. and now Thailand ~ which was my first trip I made without my parents. All these places were so special in their own way… but there’s nothing like traveling all the way across the world by yourself.

well here’s my blog ~ hope you enjoy 🙂